Iranian Ninja Women Show Off Skills [VIDEO]

Iranian Female Ninja

Iranian Female Ninja

News sources report of a new rising trend among women in Iran.  There is a new video circulating on the web showing Iranian female ninjas, or kunoichi as they are called, showing off their Hollywood-like skills!

MailOnline reports that many women in Iran are taking ninjutsu training to become kunoichi.  Ninjutsu is a form of martial arts, and the deadliest at that. Ninjutsu deals with unorthodox methods combat and it was primarily used by mercenary and covert agents for centuries, between 1185 and 1868, in Japan.  In Ninjutsu men are called ‘ninja,’ while women are called ‘kunoichi.’

Movie footage released by the Iranian TV station, Press TV, shows groups of Iranian females dressed in Ninjutsu costumes displaying moves very much resembling the ones that you would expect from a Hollywood fight seen!  The footage displays Iranian kunoichis doing back flips, fancy foot works and other ninja moves while in some instances carrying deadly swords and weapons.  MailOnline resembles the activities in the footage to scenes out of movies like the Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon.

MailOnline also reports that the tape shows women practicing their skills in a small club, in Iran, which opened in 1989.  The school now has close to 3,500 students. Students in the school practice the art using bow, swords, nunchucks and shurikens – small traditional Japanese implements known as ‘swords in the hand’.

According to MailOnline, Sensei Akbar Faraji introduced ninjutsu to Iranian martial art enthusiasts 22 years ago.  Faraji, who is also the first to bring the art to Iran, operates a ninjutsu club with nearly 24,000 members.  Sensei Faraji says, “‘Being a ninja is about patience, tolerance, and fortitude. Literally it means the art of becoming invisible. Ninjutsu or martial arts in general, can be described as a medicine. Just like snake poison, despite the fact that it can be very dangerous, it can be a good antidote as well.’

So next time if you need protection from some evil foe, you can perhaps hire one of these Iranian beauties to cover your behind!

Iranian Female Ninjas

Irania Female Police

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