Jonathan Antoine The Next Susan Boyle of Britains Got Talent [VIDEO]

Jonathan Antoine The Next Susan Boyle of Britains Got Talent [VIDEO]

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The shy boy, Jonathan Antoine is the next Susan Boyle of Britain Got Talent show.  His performance did something to Simon Cowell which you may only get to see once in a blue moon; squeezing seriously high complements out of Simon!  Jonathan’s performance was nothing less than AMAZING! Take a look.

When the 17-year-old, 280-pound Jonathan Antoine and his singing partner/coach Charlotte Jaconelli walked on the stage, the audience’s reaction was nothing less than ‘Who let him on that stage!?’  But all those people were in for one big surprise.  The mood quickly changed as soon as Antoine projected his voice.  Jonathan Antoine could very well be the next Susan Boyle.

Jonathan’s performance was so amazing that he got the ‘yes’ from all 4 judges as well as standing ovation and huge amount of cheers from almost everyone in the audience.  Although the duo’s performance was nothing short of outstanding, Simon favored Antoine much more than his female partner, Jaconelli. Simon actually told the due that “I worry, Charlotte, whether you’re going to hold him back”.  He also said to Antoine that he should think about dumping Jaconelli!  Cowell maybe kind ‘a right, though! Antoine response to Simon was that “we’ve come on here as a duo and we’re going to stay here as a duo.”

Although their performance as duo was very good, they both may have better chance going solo.  Splitting up may specially work out better for Charlotte Jaconelli since Jonathan Antoine could easily still the spot light away from her.

Do you remember Susan Boyle?  Take a look at that magic:

It all comes down to, that it doesn’t matter what your body looks like; you just need to make people to realize the greatness in you!  Well, that goes if you really care what people think.

Jonathan Antoine The Next Susan Boyle

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