Miami Zombie Attack Prank Video

Miami zombie attack prank video

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Apparently the latest face chewing zombie-like attack turned on the dumb-idea-light in someone’s head. The Miami zombie attack prank video shows a white guy acting as a flash hungry zombie, chasing and scaring mostly black folks. Number of hits? More than a million, so far. The end of the video is the best part – take a look!

The trending YouTube video which is called the Miami zombie attack prank video shows a white guy growling and chasing black people like a zombie in streets of Miami. Some people got really scared, running for their lives. Apparently the prank is drawing some criticism about how much of bad idea it was. Some also are saying that it’s just too soon to pull a prank like that just after the face chewing incident of a few days ago.

The prankster managed to scare lots of people while he was being videotaped. Amazingly he managed to scatter groups of unsuspecting youngsters, and not just individuals. But interestingly enough the prank video ends with a big surprise. Take a look!

Miami Zombie Attach Prank Video

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