Michelle Jenneke Warm Up Dance [VIDEO]

Michelle Jenneke Warm Up Dance [VIDEO]

Michelle Jenneke Via YouTube

Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke sexy warm up dance has gone viral on the YouTube with nearly 10 million hits.  The viral video shows the 19-year-old sensation warming up with some sexy moves for the pre-final race at the IAAF World Junior Championships in Barcelona.  Apparently her juicy routine got her an invitation to pose nude for charity!

Michelle Jenneke is a 19-year-old Australian hurdler competing for the 2012 London Olympics.  Jenneke managed to win the 100 meter pre-final race, but she came fifth in the overall Junior World Championships titles, costing her participation in 2012 Olympics.  At the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games, Jenneke was part of the Australian delegation running the women’s medley relay and the 100 meter hurdles.  Jenneke came in fourth in the medley relay and second in the hurdles of 2010 Singapore Olympics.

According to the Examiner.com, Sex.com has made a very interesting offer to Jenneke to pose nude for charity.  The offer was made after her sexy warm up video went viral.  Examiner.com reports that Sex.com’s naked pose offer is in exchange for a sizable donation to the Australian Sports Commission (ASC).  In an interview with XBIZ.com Martin Ellison of the Sex.com said that:

“She’s the right amount of cute and sexy, not to mention her body is clearly in peak condition. Michelle Jenneke has shown a sex appeal that’s uncommon in female athletes and we want Michelle to know that she can use her sexuality to not only raise her profile but also benefit athletes all over her country.”

According to Christianpost Entertainment report, when Jenneke was asked about the dance before racing, she said: “When you know you’re good at something … Enjoy.”

Michelle Jenneke Warm Up Sexy Dance

Michelle Jenneke Sexy Warm Up Dance

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Michelle Jenneke 100-meter hurdle

Michelle Jenneke Via Imgur

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