Pope Benedict On Twitter With IPad [VIDEO]

Pope On Twitter With Ipad

Pope On Twitter With Ipad

Pope Benedict on twitter; who knew!  Apparently the Pope is doing it with some class too, using an iPad to spread the good word at 140 characters at a time .  Imagine if we can just get the Ayatollah to get on it too!?

According to the About.com the Holy Father sent his first tweet on June 2008, 2011.  He used an iPad to send a pre-written tweet about the launch of the Vatican’s news portal, News.va.  This would probably make Pope Benedict XVI the first ever high tech Holy Highness in long line of Popes who initiated ‘scripture tweeting.’

If interested, you can follow Pope’s occasional tweets at @PopeBenedictXIV. Some of the responses to his tweets are not exactly very kosher.  It is interesting though that the good Pope has nearly 33,000 followers, but he follows no one.  The count for people he follows is absolutely zero!  Could it be that the Holy Father is trying to make point with the count? Comment on it in the comments.

Out of curiosity a quick run on the Google also came back with a twitter account for the Ayatollah, but judging by the tweets it doesn’t seem to be the real deal. However, it does make for some interesting read!  But in all seriousness the supreme leader of Iran appears to have a related twitter account maintained by what appears to be a related organization. You might find this little bit of humor from the Huffington Post interesting!

CNN.com has posted an article with a list of 10 unlikely tweeters.  Interested in following the people on that list? Here are some of the names:


Pope Benedict XVI Tweets on iPad – Youtube

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