President Obama’s Anger Translator – Key & Peele [VIDEO]

Key & Peel Barak Obama's Anger Translator

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This video is getting some good hits on YouTube.  In this pretty amusing comedy production by Key & Peele, President Obama uses his ‘anger translator’ guy, Luther, to voice his anger.  WARNING! – Adult Language.

President Obama is very much known for his much in control and cool demeanor.  But what most Americans fail to realize, is the heavy burden that comes with the job of being a president.  Obama very much tries to keep his cool, but under all that coolness there is a boiling, gurgling, volcano hot sh!t load of emotions ready explode!

Obama needs to somehow get all that anger out without going down for it. The solution?  Luther, the human anger translator.  What Luther does is as the President does his speech; Luther paints Obama’s words with real emotions and anger to get the point across.  Luther is a very animated guy.

You can watch Key & Peele on Comedy Central’s YouTube page.  Key & Peele premieres on Comedy Central Tuesday, January 31 at 10:30/9:30c.

Barak Obama’s Anger Translator – Key & Peel YouTube

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