Stacey Irvine 17-Year-Old Eats Nothing But Chicken Nuggets

Stacey Irvine Eats Nothing But Chicken NuggetsThe 17-year-old, Stacey Irvine from U.K., eats nothing but McDonald’s chicken nuggets.  Apparently since age two, chicken nuggets meals have been her main food, and almost the only food that she eats. She can’t just resist!

According to MailOnline, Stacey Irvine, is addicted to chicken nuggets.  She has been only eating chicken nuggets for the past 15 years of her life, with occasional portions of chips.  Her only other regular food is French fries.  Due to her self-imposed restrict diet, 17 year-old Stacey now suffers from breathing problems, anemia, and inflamed veins in her tongue.

According to MailOnline, Stacey Irvine claims that she has never tasted vegetables or fruits.  According to the report, she had to be rushed to the hospital a few days ago because she collapsed.  In the hospital she had to be injected with nutrients and vitamins because of deficiency.  She is now home recovering and enjoying high-dose of vitamins that her body has been missing during all these years.  Her mother says that according to doctors, she will not last very long if she keeps up with her diet.

In an interview with the MailOnline, Stacey said:

“I loved them so much they were all I would eat,’ she said. ‘I just couldn’t face even trying other foods. Mum gave up giving me anything else years ago.”
“I am starting to realise this is really bad for me.”
“My main meal is always chicken nuggets every day.”
McDonald’s chicken nuggets are my favourite. I share 20 with my boyfriend with chips.”
“But I also like KFC and supermarket brands.”

Apparently she is now facing another dilemma, and that is storing all the free little toys that come with the meals.  According to the report Stacey said that she has been storing the toys in a few bin bags.

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