YouTube Gets 3-Year-Old Baseball Player Into Hollywood

YouTube Gets 3-year-old movie role

Haupt & Sandler - YouTube

Are you looking for a way to get into Hollywood?  Give YouTube a try first!  News sources report that a YouTube home video gets a 3-year-old baseball enthusiast a role in a Hollywood movie.

According to Yahoo and other sources, Christian Haupt, is the 3-year-old pre-schooler who got his big Hollywood break after his parents posted a video of him playing baseball on the YouTube.  His parents made and posted the video when Christian was playing baseball at age 2!

Apparently Haupt is so in love with baseball that he plays the game at a level beyond his age.  Christian’s favorite bed time stories are about Babe Ruth and other baseball heroes from long before his time.  According to his parents, during car rides to game practice, Christian sings “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” with his 6-year-old sister.  His favorite TV program?  Baseball!  Apparently he has no interests in cartoons.  Christian’s favorite baseball team is Dodgers.

Yahoo says that in less than a week, the home video that Haupt’s parents posted on the YouTube, grabbed the attention of Hollywood casting directors who were looking for a young baseball player for an upcoming movie.  The movie, which is a comedy, stars Adam Sandler and it is called “That’s My Boy.”  Christian filmed his part last August in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

According to MoviesWithButter.com “That’s My Boy” is about a man named Donny who fathered a son while still in his teens.  Donny has no choice but to raise his son all by himself when the son’s mother goes prison.  As the story goes, Donny is not exactly a father material and he comes up with his own ways of dealing with the dilemma of raising a kid, alone.  The movie was originally named “Donny’s Boy” but that name was later changed to “That’s My Boy.”

According to IMDB.com, Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg and Leighton Meester star in “That’s My Boy.” The movie will hit the theaters on June 15, 2012.

It’s interesting though that Christian Haupt’s name is nowhere to be found on IMDB’s list of all-cast-members for this movie.  Maybe he is signed up under an alias, or IMDB left it out!!


Christian Haupt During Practice With Adam Sandler – YouTube

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